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Ukrainian Health Minister Maksym Stepanov has said from now on, Ukrainians are absolved of the need to be tested for COVID-19 upon completion of the self-isolation period.

Neither do they have to be tested prior to scheduled hospitalization if they have no symptoms of an acute respiratory illness.

Speaking at a briefing on September 18, the minister said that in addition to a new protocol for COVID-19 treatment approved on September 17, he signed an order on updated standards for providing medical care for COVID-19 patients, an UNIAN correspondent reports.

Read alsoCOVID-19: Over 3,200 new active cases reported on Sept 18Stepanov explained the protocol for the provision of medical care is an instruction for the treatment depending on the patient's condition, while the standards for the provision of medical care determine the procedure for hospitalization, including conditions when patients should be hospitalized, as well as cases where tests must be run.

For example, the new standards stipulate that only those who their family doctor says have symptoms of the disease shall be PCR-tested for COVID-19.

Previously, standards assumed that upon completion of the self-isolation period, people are obliged to undergo PCR testing.

"According to the updated standards, if someone has been on self-isolation for 14 days and has no symptoms of the disease, they don't need to be tested," Stepanov said.

Also, from now on, if someone requires scheduled hospitalization, they no longer need to undergo PCR testing, except for the cases where they have symptoms of an acute respiratory disease.

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