Photo from UNIAN, Serhiy Chuzavkov

Police officers will impose fines for not wearing or improperly wearing a protective mask only if citizens refuse to follow a verbal instruction to put it on, says the adviser to Ukraine's Interior Minister, Volodymyr Martynenko.

"Fines could be issued on the spot for the improper wearing of a face mask, but I think our citizens will understand this procedure and after a warning from the police, they will put on their mask and not face the fine," the official has told Obozrevatel TV channel.

"If someone is a defiant violator, of course, it will be necessary to prosecute them. If there is non-compliance with law, the relevant repercussions will follow," Martynenko said.

In addition to the police, local authorities and the state epidemiological service also have the right to impose fines for not wearing a mask.

Read alsoCOVID-19: Over 10,900 new active cases reported as of Nov 23"But I would like them to be more engaged with prevention, not prosecution. Although, if it doesn't work out through peaceful means, they will have to prosecute," the official said.

Fines for not wearing masks

On November 19, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky enacted the law introducing fines for not wearing face masks in public places.

According to the document, citizens without face masks or respirators in public places (in particular on public transport) will have to pay a fine worth from UAH 170 (US$6) to UAH 250 (US$9).