Ukraine's Health Ministry has updated the list of countries in terms of the level of coronavirus spread and corresponding travel restrictions applied.

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Red zone

Видео дня

So far, the list includes 47 countries – whereas there were 50 of them two weeks ago – in particular, the U.S., the Republic of Moldova, Brazil, Colombia, Israel, the Czech Republic, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Argentina, and other countries.

Green zone

The list includes such countries as Romania, Austria, Germany, Estonia, Belgium, Portugal, Great Britain, Russia, Tunisia, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Cyprus, China, Japan, etc.


Since August 1, Ukraine has changed its approach to the formation of the list of red and green zone countries in terms of the spread of coronavirus. Now the European system is applied according to two indicators, namely the increase in new COVID-19 patients and the total percentage of COVID-19 patients.

A country belongs to the red zone if the growth rate of COVID-19 patients in the past 14 days exceeds that in Ukraine and if the percentage of people infected with coronavirus in a particular country in the past 14 days, compared to the previous two weeks, exceeds 30%.