The number of new cases has drastically declined / Photo from UNIAN, by Mykola Tys

Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Serhiy Komisarenko says the first wave of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic may be over in the country.

A decrease in the number of new confirmed cases signals this, he told the RBC Ukraine news agency in an interview.

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According to him, the fact that Ukraine registers fewer cases is not due to a decrease in testing, but on the contrary.

"As a rule, testing is done when people with signs of the disease or after possible contact with infected people wait for a diagnosis. If there were fewer positive results, therefore fewer people sought diagnoses and, possibly, fewer people were infected," Komisarenko said.

According to him, the decrease in infections occurred in different countries in different ways.

"There is a probability that we actually have fewer people now being infected with this coronavirus, and it is possible that the first wave is coming to an end. And it would be good if the second wave did not start at all or began much later," he added.

Coronavirus in Ukraine: Update

  • As many as 4,385 new COVID-19 cases were registered in Ukraine in the past 24 hours as of December 28.
  • The number of tests conducted on Sunday, December 27, also decreased compared to previous weeks. In particular, there were 12,225 PCR tests and 3,107 ELISA tests.