Ukraine now ranks 16th in the ranking of countries with the largest confirmed overall number of coronavirus cases.

That's according to data collected by the Johns Hopkins University.

As of the morning of December 22, Ukraine ranks 16 – standing between Iran and Peru – with 998, 678 cases.

In total, since the onset of the pandemic, 77,364,641 global cases have been confirmed, including 1,702,293 deaths and 43, 637, 701 recoveries.

Read also"Weekend effect": Number of new daily COVID-19 cases sharply down Dec 21The top five countries in terms of confirmed COVID-19 cases includes the United States (18,035,207), India (10,075,116), Brazil (7,263,619), Russia (2,850,042), France (2,535,716), the United Kingdom (2,079,678) and Turkey (2,043,704).

Most deaths from coronavirus complications have been reported in the United States, Brazil, and India.

COVID-19 in Ukraine: Latest