Some public events could be held with certain limitations / Photo from UNIAN

The Cabinet of Ministers, Ukraine's government, has decided to slightly loosen coronavirus-related quarantine restrictions by allowing certain types of public events.

This is stipulated in a government resolution dated February 5, which amends another resolution on imposing the nationwide quarantine.

In particular, the following events are now allowed in Ukraine:

Видео дня
  • reception of visitors by subjects of activity in the field of culture, namely these are public scientific, educational and professional thematic events if at least 50% of the seats remain vacant (there should be a free seat next to, in front and behind) in each separate hall. Or if organizers of such events cannot ensure limitations on the number of visitors, there should be one person per five square meters indoors.

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Quarantine in Ukraine

  • On February 3, it was reported that the government would decide on the return to the so-called adaptive quarantine in the near-term outlook.
  • The adaptive quarantine was first introduced in Ukraine on August 1. Then the country's regions were divided into red, orange, yellow, green zones, taking into account bed occupancy in hospitals, the average number of COVID-19 tests, newly confirmed cases per day, and dynamics of their growth.
  • If the adaptive quarantine is re-imposed in Ukraine, Kyiv will always be in the orange zone as a capital city.