Ukraine may introduce two-week lockdown from January 1 / REUTERS

The Ukrainian authorities are considering the possibility of introducing a two-week lockdown from January 1.

The relevant decision could be made on December 9, as reported by the Ukrainian-registered Apostrophe online media outlet with reference to informed sources.

The same date was announced by Health Minister Maksym Stepanov on December 8.

"To invite local authorities to close all educational institutions and all retail outlets (except grocery and pharmacies), delivery of goods will be allowed. Public transport will work with restrictions (most likely only 50% of the seats)," the source said.

Read alsoCOVID-19: Over 12,500 new active cases reported as of Dec 9Also, citizens will be able to travel to other cities and regions, since the authorities are not going to suspend intercity and interregional traffic.

"The churches will be open. The entire entertainment sector (clubs, concerts, etc.) will also be banned. And, of course, people should wear face masks or pay fines for their absence," the source added.

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