A total of 813,306 active COVID-19 cases were recorded in Ukraine as of the morning of Sunday, December 6.

In the past day, 11,590 new cases were reported, Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov wrote on Facebook.

The minister says 1,127 patients were hospitalized over the past 24 hours, while 167 patients died from complications and 6,048 recovered.

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Since the onset of the pandemic in Ukraine, health officials have reported:

  • Cases: 813,306;
  • Recoveries: 418,581;
  • Deaths: 13,588; and
  • PCR tests run: 4,780,080.

Over the past day, the largest number of confirmed cases was registered in the City of Kyiv (1,518), as well as Odesa (1,002), Zaporizhia (817), Kyiv (809) and Dnipropetrovsk (798) regions.