Ukraine is getting ready for COVID-19 vaccination / REUTERS

Alla Tsymanovska, a medical lawyer, says that if a register of persons who will get vaccinated against the coronavirus (COVID-19) has been created in Ukraine, their personal data could be included in it only with their written consent.

The expert announced this on TV Channel Ukraina 24.

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Yet, she said, the refusal to get vaccinated is "a patient's personal responsibility."

"A draft resolution drawn up by the Verkhovna Rada on the national plan for the vaccination of the population of Ukraine says that only the data that is statistical is used, that is, it is assumed that such data will only be in relation to the number of vaccinated persons, as well as the impact of the vaccine on the spread of the coronavirus in Ukraine. This means there will be no personalized data in the register," she said.

"In the event that such a register contains personal information, such as the full name, or date of birth, or the address of registration of vaccinated persons, such data must be submitted with the consent of a patient who is being vaccinated."

According to the lawyer, such information will need to be processed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine on the Protection of Personal Data.

"With regard to the processing of personal data, a vaccinated person must provide his or her written consent before the processing of such data. If they did not provide such consent, the information should not be processed by the Health Ministry or the departments that will be in charge of keeping the registers. What is more, information about a patient is a medical secret and anonymity must be guaranteed by medical workers and other personnel working for health care institutions," she said.

When asked why this register is needed, the lawyer answered: "Our position is that the refusal [to get vaccinated] is documented with the indication of personal data, the first name, last name and patronymic of a patient who refused to be vaccinated, and in the future, if he or she contracts COVID-19, government agencies and medical institutions responsible for vaccination will have proof that the patient refused, and this is the patient's personal responsibility."

Earlier, President Volodymyr Zelensky tasked the government to speed up the creation of a register of vaccinated persons.

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