Ukraine's Health Ministry has updated the list of countries in the so-called red and green zones as of December 11, 2020.

Azerbaijan and the Netherlands were included in the red zone compared to the previous week, according to the press service of the State Agency for Tourism Development.

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Such popular tourist destinations as Albania, Egypt and Turkey remain in the green zone, just like a week ago, while Bulgaria, Croatia and Montenegro are still part of the red zone.

Also "green" countries are such tourist destinations as the Dominican Republic, the United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, Mexico, the Seychelles, and the Maldives.

Countries in the red zone

As of December 11, as many as 38 countries were in the red zone (last week there were 36 of them), including: Austria, Bulgaria, Georgia, Lithuania, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, the United States, Hungary, Cyprus, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Montenegro, Switzerland, Sweden, and others.

After returning from the red zone, Ukrainians must be self-isolating for 14 days, using the Dii Vdoma application. Early termination of self-isolation is possible after a negative PCR test.

To enter Ukraine, all foreigners need an insurance policy that covers COVID-19 treatment costs. Persons arriving from the red zone countries are not subject to observation if they have a negative PCR test result for COVID-19 done no more than 48 hours before crossing the border of Ukraine.

Countries in the green zone

As of December 11, Ukraine and 194 other countries were included in the green zone, among them are Australia, Albania, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Great Britain, Greece, Denmark, Egypt, Israel, India, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Kazakhstan, Canada, Kenya, China, Colombia, Cuba, Latvia, Lebanon, the Maldives, Malta, Morocco, Mexico, Moldova, Nepal, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, the UAE, Paraguay, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Finland, France, Sri Lanka, Japan, and others.

Neither 14-day self-isolation nor testing is required if Ukrainians return home from the green zone.

At the same time, for a country to be part of the green zone does not mean that Ukrainian tourists could now easily get there. Most of those countries still have quarantine restrictions, including a ban on foreign tourists' entry.

The full list of countries in the red and green zones could be found on the Ukrainian Health Ministry's website.

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