Photo from UNIAN, Oleksandr Prylepa

Ukraine's Health Ministry expects the number of patients with COVID-19 will stop growing at a "hurricane rate" thanks to the "weekend quarantine" introduced in Ukraine.

"The result that we expect is a halt in the growth of the number of patients at such a hurricane rate, when every day the number of patients increases by thousands per day, and, as a result, the number of people who are hospitalized increases," Health Minister Maksym Stepanov told a Thursday briefing, an UNIAN correspondent reports.

According to the minister, it is important to prevent the collapse of the healthcare system.

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  • On November 11, the Cabinet decided to introduce "weekend quarantine" across Ukraine to replace the "adaptive quarantine" model.
  • On the same day, restaurateurs rallied outside the Government HQ in Kyiv protesting against the move, claiming that despite public transport and schools carry more contamination risks, their operation has not been restricted.