Zelensky announces the development of the Ukrainian vaccine against COVID-19 / Photo from the President's Office

No new lockdown is planned in Ukraine despite a rapid increase in the number of new coronavirus cases every day.

This was announced by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during an interview for four TV channels, the TV news service TSN reported.

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The president says he thinks tougher curbs could completely stall the Ukrainian economy.

According to him, maximum efforts now are devoted to the issues of providing additional medical equipment and medical support, as well as ensuring the sufficient number of healthcare workers.

In addition, the president announced the development of a Ukrainian vaccine against the coronavirus. It took more than six months to develop it. It is now undergoing trials, he said.

"We cannot disclose details because of clinical trials, and this is true, we have no right [to disclose the details]. I'll tell you the truth – it is unique. These are not big words or crowd-pleasing statements. It is unique because it is not like the others. We have materials that trials have already been conducted, but not in humans, yet they have taken place. I cannot speak today about the timeframe, but in any case, you should know our approach - in addition to our, Ukrainian vaccine, if someone has a ready vaccine earlier, we will buy it, in any case," Zelensky said.

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