Deputy Minister for Digital Transformation of Ukraine Valeriya Ionan says the ministry has presented an edutainment series on the basics of cyber hygiene and internet safety rules for civil servants and local government officials.

"Today, we are presenting a new educational series dedicated to the topic of cyber hygiene and Internet safety rules, which are important for civil servants and, in particular, local government officials," she said at a Kyiv press conference January 26, an UNIAN correspondent reports.

The series is open for free use, having already been posted on the Diia.Tsifrova Ovita platform.

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Read alsoSBU busts Russian-controlled network of propaganda assetsHead of the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service Natalia Aliushyna, in turn said that the seriies is part of a mixed training system within a larger training course for civil servants.

"Anyone may go to 'Diia.Tsifrova Osvita', look it up there, learn, and successfully pass the test," she said.


In September 2020, the Ministry of Digital Transformation presented an edutainment series for civil servants, titled "Access to Public Information," posted on the Diia.Tsifrova Osvita platform.

Also in September, the ministry presented the Open Data for Government Officials series, teaching trainees to work and manage data in the public sector.