Cybersecurity experts with the SBU Security Service of Ukraine have assessed possible risks to safe operations of government's electronic resources and those of critical infrastructure as a result of a database leak from the Cloudflare service.

No threats have been revealed to government resources, the SBU press service reported in a Facebook posting.

It has turned out that IP addresses of web resources that emerged on the internet are a generalized database of publicly available data.

The SBU stressed that the release of publicly available data poses no additional risks to the operation of web resources serviced by Cloudflare, including for Ukrainian government bodies and critical infrastructure facilities.

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The report says the SBU Cybersecurity Situational Center and the State Center for Cyber ​​Defense with Ukraine's Special Communications Service were involved in the risk assessment effort.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on July 26, experts with the National Cyber ​​Security Coordination Center under the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine discovered on DarkNet a list of some 3 million presumably leaked sites that use the Cloudflare service for protection against DDoS and a number of cyber breaches.