The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine says a set of measures has been developed to strengthen the protection of citizens' personal data from leaks.

Speaking at the meeting of the National Coordination Center for Cybersecurity, which is part of the NSDC, Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov pointed at the "unsatisfactory state of protection" of government's electronic information resources, registers, databases, and other information platforms, at the same time noting a better practical interaction between cybersecurity actors, the NSDC press service reports.

"Important in this process is to urgently inform the NCCC of detected cyber attacks on and cyber incidents in information systems of government bodies and critical infrastructure to coordinate prompt response because the consequences could create a significant threat to the vital interests of the state and society," Danilov emphasized.

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Danilov said this year the national cybersecurity watchdog had neutralized a number of attacks on government information resources.

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"Following the NCCC meeting, a package of measures was developed aimed at enhancing protection of national electronic information resources and citizens' personal data from leaks, as well as increasing the efficiency of interaction between the cybersecurity watchdogs and improving the regulatory framework in the field of cybersecurity"  the report says.

As UNIAN reported earlier, several anonymous Telegram channels recently started selling citizens' personal data, including that on 26 million drivers' licenses.

On May 12, fake reports emerged, groundlessly claiming that data leaked from the government-promoted mobile application Diia, where citizens' personal data is integrated to facilitate government services.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation has refuted reports on Diia being penetrated as a result of a cyber attack.

"The application has no own database and neither does it accumulate such information (the mobile application only displays information from registries).

In Ukraine, there's a total of 9.5 million driver's licenses, of which 6.5 million are reflected in the Diya application, the ministry said.

On May 12, the police opened a criminal proceeding to investigate the leak of and trade in personal data.