A Ukrainian video game depicts the daily routine of a soldier in the country's war-torn east, where Russia-controlled forces and Ukrainian government troops have been fighting for years.

The game is intended to help others understand the challenges soldiers struggling with post-war trauma are facing, Euronews reports.

Video games are often violent, featuring war and bloodshed. But "The Point of No Return", by visual storyteller and video game designer Alexey Furman, isn't like most games.

The project aims to educate civilians about soldiers' experiences in the warzone, and also help people close to war veterans understand what they have been through.

Read alsoInvaders three times open fire on Ukrainian positions in Donbas Jan 2"You are playing as a man who makes a decision to enlist, to go to the war zone. And then he goes to the war zone and spends some significant time out there. And comes back home with a mental and physical trauma," explains Furman.

The game is created in the popular RPG (role-playing game) style, while being nothing like a classic war game, as per its developers.

It's designed to show the real atmosphere soldiers face on the frontlines, visualizing real locations and details Ukrainian soldiers see during service.

The game is based on the experiences of several real characters. Their stories have been combined.

The project, which cost a little over $30,000, was financed and supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Fund.