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A criminal group producing and selling methadone has been exposed in Ukraine's Lviv where perpetrators set up a meth manufacturing site at a university chemistry lab, the region's prosecutor says.

According to the investigators, a co-owner of a local hookah bar has organized the scheme along with the chief of the university chemistry lab, Liga.net quotes Prosecutor Iryna Didenko as saying.

Цинізм місцевих ділків вражає. Викрили групу осіб, які організували у львівському НАВЧАЛЬНОМУ закладі не що інше, як…...

Опубликовано Iryna Didenko Понедельник, 31 августа 2020 г.

A hookah bar employee had been administering online sales, while another one was involved in distribution.

Investigators have documented manufacture of about 3 kilograms of methadone worth over UAH 1.8 million.

The suspects were detained in a sting raid while attempting to sell 1 kg of the drug, Didenko reports.

According to the prosecutor, methadone was to customers by mail after payments were received to the culprits' bank accounts.

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