Ukraine has been invited to join the EU's fight against coronavirus /  REUTERS

The European Union has invited Ukraine to join its Health Security Committee as an observer.

"Today the EU invited Ukraine to join its Health Security Committee as an observer," the EU Delegation to Ukraine said on Facebook on May 13.

The Health Security Committee is the key body where the EU and its Member States consult each other on coordinating national responses, preparedness and response planning, as well as risk and crisis communication on serious cross-border threats to health.

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"Coordinating our activities and sharing information is essential in the current COVID-19 pandemic," the EU Delegation said.

"Ukraine's invitation is a strong signal of our continued close cooperation in the fight against this disease," it added.

The EU Health Security Committee was set up in 2001 at the request of EU Health Ministers as an informal advisory group on health security at European level. In 2013 Decision 1082/2013/EU, its role was formalized and strengthened.

The Committee is mandated to reinforce the coordination and sharing of best practice and information on national preparedness activities. Member States also consult each other within the Committee with a view to coordinating national responses to serious cross border threats to health, including events declared a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organization in accordance with the International Health Regulations.