Ukraine is a partly free country / Photo from UNIAN

Ukraine has been included in the ranking of "partly free" countries in 2021.

This is evidenced by findings of the annual Freedom in the World survey by Freedom House.

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Ukraine had 60 out of 100 possible points of the Global Freedom Score. In particular, it had 26 out of 40 Political Rights points and 34 out of 60 Civil Liberties points.

"Corruption remains a serious problem, and even the little remaining political will to fight it is eroding, despite strong pressure from civil society. Anticorruption agencies have repeatedly been ensnared in politically fraught conflicts with other state entities and elected officials," the survey says.

Last year, Ukraine scored 62 points and also belonged to the group of "partly free" countries.

Freedom House's flagship annual report

  • Freedom in the World is an annual global report on political rights and civil liberties, composed of numerical ratings for each country and a select group of territories, which is published by the international NGO Freedom House.