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Ukrainian Health Minister Maksym Stepanov says 53,270 COVID-19 cases were reported in Ukraine last week, October 26 through November 1, which was almost 8,000 cases up against the figure reported the week before.

Read alsoCOVID-19: Almost 7,000 new active cases reported as of Nov 2He made the comment at a briefing in Kyiv on November 2, as reported by an UNIAN correspondent.

"A total of 53,270 coronavirus cases were confirmed last week. There were 45,286 cases the week before. That is, almost 8,000 more cases were registered in the past week. Also, 283,494 tests were done by the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) method, which was 50,000 tests up from 238,404 reported the week before," he said.

According to Stepanov 7,248 COVID-19 patients were hospitalized last week.

"Let's compare this to 6,445 [patients hospitalized] the week before last. Including those with pneumonia. We provide PCR tests to all people, including those who have pneumonia, regardless of the symptoms of the disease. We tested 37,265 [patients with] pneumonias last week, which was 9,000 up against the week before last. This figure is also of great concern to us, as this is further evidence that COVID-19 has been spreading very quickly across the country," he summed up.

Quarantine in Ukraine: Background

  • The adaptive quarantine was introduced on August 1. The Ukrainian regions were split into the green, yellow, orange, and red zones depending on hospital load, the average number of PCR and ELISA tests, the ascertainment rate of COVID-19, and daily spread dynamics.
  • Quarantine-related curbs differ in each zone. The mildest ones are in the green zone, the regions included in the red zone will have to introduce the toughest restrictions.
  • On October 13, the Cabinet of Ministers extended the adaptive quarantine by late 2020.
  • Health Minister Maksym Stepanov says the ministry has no plans to introduce a new lockdown in Ukraine yet.
  • Ukraine's updated epidemic zoning took effect on Monday, November 2.