Ukraine marks Army's Special Operation Forces Day on July 29 / Photo from Twitter Viktor Muzhenko

Ukraine marks Army's Special Operation Forces (SOF) Day today, July 29.

Holiday's date and history

The holiday has been marked annually since 2016. The then President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree "On the Day of Special Operation Forces," having established a holiday "aimed at further developing national military traditions, taking into account the important role of the Special Operation Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in ensuring the defense capability of the state."

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SOF are a separate part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It includes special forces units and subdivisions of information and psychological special operations. They are called upon to operate in the field of intelligence, military support, etc. to carry out special assignments.

Today, Lieutenant General Ihor Luniov is Commander of the Special Operation Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Greetings on Army's Special Operation Forces Day

President Volodymyr Zelensky has congratulated Ukrainian SOF soldiers on their professional holiday. In the greeting text, he said SOF are rightfully called Ukraine's military elite since they professionally perform the most difficult and dangerous combat tasks.

"Your exploits are not openly spoken about, and your faces always remain hidden, but we are all confident in the high level of your training, hardening, invincibility of spirit, courage and determination. On this day I also would like to mention SOF soldiers who died in the battles for independence and the sovereignty of our state. Eternal memory to them! We all thank the soldiers in gray berets for the worthy fulfillment of their mission to protect the territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty of Ukraine!" the president said.

Video: Training of Ukraine Army's Special Operation Forces