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A synagogue in the Ukrainian-controlled city of Mariupol, Donetsk region, has reported an attack by a young man with an axe.

The incident happened on the morning of July 28, the United Jewish Community of Ukraine told UNIAN, citing the leader of the Jewish community of Mariupol.

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The young man carrying an axe came to the synagogue, he was met by guard Rikhard Holomazov.

A fight began, during which the guard was injured; he sustained a head injury and had his arm broken.

The synagogue's security guard managed to seize the axe. The attacker escaped, but prior to this, he had thrown rubbish, cans and bags with feces and sand towards the synagogue's building.

During the incident, there were women and the rabbi in the synagogue. None of them was hurt.

The police, who promptly responded to the call, are now looking for the attacker and investigating the incident.