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Dubai International Airport has turned down the long-obsolete spelling of the capital of Ukraine that was derived from Russian, having switched to correct spelling 'Kyiv.'

Read also#KyivnotKiev: Wikipedia changes spelling of Ukrainian capital"Good news from the sunny United Arab Emirates. Dubai International Airport has officially corrected the spelling of Ukraine's capital and now uses the only correct transliteration – Kyiv," Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Twitter on February 2, 2021.

Photo from MFA of Ukraine, Twitter


  • When Ukraine was part of the USSR, the name of its capital in the English-language media was delivered in a manner that corresponded to the Russian pronunciation, that is, Kiev. The Ukrainian authorities now insist that the name of the city be spelled the Ukrainian way, that is, Kyiv.
  • On October 2, 2018, the Foreign Ministry, together with StratCom Ukraine Center for Strategic Communications, launched the #CorrectUA campaign. They ask foreign media to use correct spelling 'Kyiv' (#KyivNotKiev).
  • Over 50 international airports have already joined the initiative.