The voting results must be announced by Nov 20 / Photo from UNIAN, by Valeriy Shmakov

As of 20:00 Kyiv time on November 15, the turnout during repeat elections of mayors in seven cities was 24%.

This was reported by the media relations department of the Secretariat of the Central Election Commission (CEC).

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Видео дня

"We are providing a summary update on the number of voters who received ballots at polling stations (voter turnout) in the elections of city mayors on November 15 (repeat voting) at the end of voting in the context of regions of Ukraine, as of 20:00," the message says.

It is noted that according to reports from all territorial election commissions that are currently preparing and conducting the repeat voting for the mayoral elections, the turnout was 24%.

The CEC recalled that this information is not official, since, in accordance with CEC resolution No. 404 of October 20, 2020, it is received by the Commission from the agencies maintaining the State Voter Register, which in turn receive this information from territorial election commissions by any means of communication, in particular by phone or email.

Local elections in Ukraine: Second round

  • On November 15, the second round of elections of mayors took place in the city of Lutsk (Volyn region), the town of Kramatorsk (Ukrainian-controlled part of Donetsk region), the town of Ukrainka (Kyiv region), the cities of Odesa, Sumy, and Kherson, as well as the town of Kamianets-Podilskyi (Khmelnytsky region).
  • In addition, territorial communities with the number of voters estimated at up to 10,000 in 16 regions participated in repeated voting for elections of members of 46 local councils.
  • The voting results must be announced no later than on the fifth day from the day of the repeat voting, that is, by November 20 inclusive.