Photo from UNIAN, Borys Korpusenko

Health Minister Maksym Stepanov assessed the likelihood of public transport halt during the upcoming winter lockdown set to be introduced across the country.

The objective of strengthening quarantine measures is to reduce pressure on the healthcare system, Stepanov said, speaking on the air of Ukraine 24 TV Channel.

"This is the main indicator that we take into account," he explained.

The pressure, the minister continued, is relieved by breaking the chain of transmission.

During lockdown, not only markets and pharmacies will keep working, but also critical infrastructure facilities, including hospitals, whose employees need to somehow get to work.

Read alsoNSDC secretary: I really would not want New Year lockdownThe minister believes maintaining public transportation will not affect incidence rates as the load on transport will be lower amid lockdown as most businesses and institutions will be shut down.

"Therefore there'll be no peak hours," said Stepanov.

Infrastructure Minister Vladyslav Kryklii has echoed his colleague, noting that the government has no intentions to restrict urban commuter, intercity road transportation, as well as the railway.

Domestic flights will not be canceled, while in international flights, the situation in the relevant destinations country should be taken into account.

Lockdown prospects: Latest

According to some media reports, strict quarantine may be introduced in Ukraine as early as December. The possible dates have been reported in media with the reference to sources, but have not been officially confirmed.