"Takeout only" Photo from UNIAN, Viacheslav Ratynskyi

The coronavirus epidemic situation remains tense in Ukraine.

In the spring, Ukrainians went through a strict lockdown, and since the end of autumn there has been speculation about the resumption of tougher quarantine measures.

The Cabinet of Ministers decided to tighten covid-related restrictions in Ukraine in January 2021, after the winter holidays.

Видео дня

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Tougher restrictions are being introduced after the New Year and Christmas holidays – from 00:00 on January 8 to 00:00 on January 25. In total, lockdown will last 16 days.

Latest bans

This month, Ukrainians will face new restrictions, although they will not be as strict as during the spring lockdown in 2020.

  • Educational institutions are to be shut down, except for kindergartens. Education will be available online;
  • Cafes, bars, restaurants, and all catering establishments shall operate in takeout and delivery modes only;
  • In shopping malls, only those establishments shall be open whose work has not been prohibited;
  • No public, entertainment, sports, social events, and concerts shall be held;
  • Art facilities, theaters, and cinemas shall be closed;
  • Gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools have been banned; and
  • Non-food markets shall be shut down.

What's allowed

During lockdown, the following activity will be allowed:

  • Trade in food products;
  • Work of pharmacies and veterinary pharmacies;
  • Operations of healthcare facilities;
  • Sale of hygiene products, communications equipment, and animal feed;
  • Repair and maintenance of vehicles;
  • Operations of gas stations without catering zones;
  • Operation of banks and ATMs;
  • Work of post offices;
  • Services at beauty and hair salons and barbershops – by appointment;
  • The work of hostels and hotels (with limited breakfast serving time); and
  • Sports events without spectators.

Public transport

Public transport services in Ukraine will not be halted from January 8 to January 24.

All urban, commuter, and interregional transportation by any type of transport will operate at seated capacity only.

The capacity restriction shall not apply to subway.