Ukraine has been on lockdown since January 8 / Photo from UNIAN

Epidemiologist Kateryna Soiak has said Ukraine will see the results of a lockdown introduced until January 24 two weeks after its completion.

"We will see the results of enhanced restrictions only two weeks after their completion. This is approximately the beginning of February. We should see a decline in the ascertainment rate. An adaptive quarantine must be in effect in the period when the enhanced restrictions are lifted and there are still no results," she told the Segodnya newspaper.

Read alsoHealth chief insists on extending lockdown in Ukraine beyond Jan 24The Health Ministry told journalists there were no decisions to extend the lockdown yet. After January 24, the "orange" zone curbs will operate in Ukraine since the nationwide quarantine has been established until February 28.

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"Changes to quarantine are adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers, they are not discussed so far. If there is an extension, the Cabinet will make a decision earlier, on Wednesday," the ministry said.

Lockdown: Background

  • Since January 8, Ukraine has been on lockdown. Enhanced quarantine restrictions to counter the coronavirus spread will be in place until January 24.
  • After the January lockdown, the Health Ministry plans to switch to adaptive quarantine.
  • In general, the quarantine regime in Ukraine has so far been established until February 28.