Ukraine honoring memory of Heavenly Hundred heroes / Photo from UNIAN

Today, February 20, 2021, Ukraine is honoring the memory of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes on the seventh anniversary of bloody shootings at the Maidan Square during the Revolution of Dignity.

On this day seven years ago, Ukraine went through the most tragic phase of the Revolution of Dignity.

Photo from UNIAN

Revolution of Dignity: History of Confrontation

  • On November 21, 2013, Euromaidan activists gathered on the 9th anniversary of the Orange Revolution. The rally triggered the events now known as the Revolution of Dignity. Activists called for Ukraine's get back on the pro-European path of development, including toward concluding the Association Agreement with the European Union, which Viktor Yanukovych had snubbed at the last moment.
  • Overnight November 30, riot police violently dispersed Maidan activists, which led to rallies across the country.
  • In total, confrontation between the activists and the Yanukovych regime lasted for over three months. On January 22, 2014, first Maidan activists – Serhiy Nigoyan and Mikhail Zhiznevsky – were killed in deadly shootings downtown Kyiv. On the same day, a body of activist Yuriy Verbytsky with traces of torture was found in a forest outside Kyiv.
  • Most of protesters were killed and injured on February 18-20. These tragic events became the last turning point of the Revolution of Dignity.