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The autumn conscription campaign has launched in Ukraine today, October 1.

In total, 13,570 citizens will be called up for military service, including 7,500 to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 4,970 to the National Guard, 500 to the State Border Guard Service, and 600 to the State Special Transport Service.

That's according to the appendix to the Cabinet of Ministers' Order "On the approval of the number of citizens of Ukraine subject to conscription and expenses for conscription in October-December 2020."

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The total amount of expenses for the conscription of citizens for compulsory military service in October-December is UAH 58,312,054 (US$2.06 million).

The cost per conscript is UAH 4,297 (US$152), of which UAH 4,204 (US$149) is a cash assistance.

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