Ukraine has resumed the process of NATO-funded disposal of old and obsolete ammunition after the COVID-19-related interruption.

The efforts are part of NATO Trust Fund Demilitarization Project, managed by the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), the Alliance's press service reported earlier this week.

Ukraine acquired vast amounts of weapons and ammunition after the Soviet Union withdrew from Warsaw Pact countries in the 1990s, UPI wrote.

The Trust Fund has been operating since 2005, founded at the request of Ukrainian government, to reduce the accumulation of unstable and potentially dangerous munitions.

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The U.S.-led project aims to improve Ukraine's security and safety of the population, officials say.

The European Union, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Japan, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey are also contributing to the effort.

With the budget of $32.1 million, this is one of 10 NATO trust funds established for Ukraine.