Ukrainians airports are not to be closed during new lockdown / REUTERS

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba says it is inexpedient for Ukraine to close the borders or limit air transportation services for a new possible lockdown.

"My position as minister of foreign affairs is that it is inexpedient to close the borders or restrict air traffic now. And the lockdown poses no threat to holidays abroad," Kuleba said, according to the RBC Ukraine news agency.

The minister says a ban on foreigners' entry into Ukraine is not expedient either.

Yet, he said, a final decision on quarantine-related measures will be collectively taken by the entire government.

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Kuleba also explained the difference between the curbs that were introduced in the spring during the first lockdown and those that might be introduced now.

"In the spring, there was no virus in the country yet, and the task was to block channels of its possible penetration into Ukrainian territory. Then it made sense to close airports and ban foreigners from entering. Now the situation is different. The virus is already inside the country, as in all other countries. I consider it inappropriate to impose a ban on entry, and I will defend this position during debates on [a new] lockdown," the minister said.

Lockdown in Ukraine: Background

  • According to certain media outlets, the strict quarantine may be introduced in Ukraine in December.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's spokesperson Yulia Mendel says there is a possibility of introducing a lockdown nationwide, but its date is still unknown.
  • Members of the Servant of the People parliamentary faction explained that it was quite difficult to impose significant restrictions on public transportation services during the lockdown since this requires the development of a system of special passes.
  • On December 4, Health Minister Maksym Stepanov said that his ministry would propose the government should introduce a planned strict quarantine with maximum restrictions for three weeks, starting from the first days of January 2021.