Quarantine in Ukraine may last until late February / REUTERS

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal says the COVID-19 quarantine in Ukraine may last at least until late February.

"We'll see the dynamics in spring. We all have seen scenarios of developments in different countries," he said, as reported by the Novoe Vremya weekly.

Shmyhal claims a lockdown was the only tool that worked, and no country might predict when the quarantine could end.

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"According to forecasts, we will live with the coronavirus the next two years. The question is what format of our coexistence will be, but it remains unknown so far," Shmyhal added.

Quarantine in Ukraine

From December 19, new quarantine restrictions will apply throughout Ukraine.

The newly adopted bans apply to:

  • Events in educational facilities (performances, celebrations, concerts) with participating children from more than one group/class and audience;
  • Festivities, banquets, workshops, public events in entertainment and catering establishments;
  • Museums, exhibitions, galleries, etc., if there is more than one visitor per 10 square meters;
  • Catering establishments – from 23:00 to 7:00 (except for delivery and take-out). Settlement transactions shall be terminated at 22:00. On New Year's night restaurants and cafes will be allowed to remain open until 01:00; and
  • Religious events in indoor settings with more than one person per 5 square meters; and in outdoor settings if the 1.5-meter social distancing rule is not observed.