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Border guards at Lviv International Airport named after Danylo Halytskyi have seized a sextant, a measuring navigation tool, whose radiation background significantly exceeded safety levels.

It was detected by the Yantar radiation control complex at the Lviv-Avia checkpoint on Wednesday, October 21, the Ukrainian State Border Service announced on its website on October 22.

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"Using the complex, the border guards have identified the source of radiation, which exceeded the norm by dozens of times. It turned out that an international mail shipment on a flight en route to Riga (Latvia) contained a sextant, a marine optical device for measuring angles," it said.

Until specialists from state-owned enterprise Radon, which provides services to collect and temporarily store radioactive materials, arrive to examine the object, the package with the tool will be placed in a temporary storage warehouse with limited access.

In the future, the device must receive conclusions from the respective experts.

It was part of an international mail shipment / Photo from 

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