Kyiv Now

Ukrainian artists have staged a rally outside the Headquarters of the Cabinet of Ministers on Thursday, September 3.

The video of preparations for the rally was posted on the Kyiv Now Telegram channel.

Artists brought along large desks and speakers, and were seen holding posters with the slogans: "Equal rights for concert organizers," etc.

Read alsoHealth minister slams Odesa authorities over massive festivities amid COVID-19 spike (Photo, video)They claim injustice as some foreign artists are allowed to perform amid lockdown imposed on Ukrainian event organizers dealing with national stars.

They say the music industry is suffering losses and rapidly dying out.

Quarantine in Ukraine: background

  • The adaptive quarantine was introduced on August 1. Ukrainian regions were split into the red, green, orange zones depending on hospital load, the average number of PCR and ELISA tests, the ascertainment rate of COVID-19, and daily spread dynamics.
  • Quarantine-related curbs differ in each zone. The mildest ones are in the green zone, the regions included in the red zone have to introduce the toughest restrictive measures.
  • Updated quarantine zoning became effective in Ukraine on August 17. Kyiv was included in the yellow zone.
  • On August 26, the Cabinet of Ministers extended the adaptive quarantine until November 1.