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The coronavirus is gaining momentum in Ukraine as the country sets records for the number of new daily COVID-19 cases.

From November 9, quarantine restrictions were tightened in a number of regions in connection with the updated epidemiological zoning – the entire map has become "orange" and "red", with no "green" and "yellow" zones left.

"Red" quarantine zone in Ukraine: List of regions and settlements

Since November 9, 199 administrative units from 23 regions have been assigned to the "red" level of epidemic danger.

Read alsoCOVID-19 hike, shortage of medicines in Crimea: Ukrainian authorities offer assistanceOver the past week, two regional centers have been added to the "red" level of epidemic danger – the cities of Kramatorsk and Zaporizhia - with a COVID-19 incidence rate of 383 per 100,000.

In total, 13 regional centers have been assigned to the "red" zone:

  • Zhytomyr
  • Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Chernivtsi
  • Rivne
  • Khmelnitsky
  • Chernihiv
  • Kharkiv
  • Kramatorsk
  • Uzhgorod
  • Zaporizhia
  • Mykolaiv
  • Poltava
  • Sumy

"Red" zone bans:

  • Public transport;
  • Shopping malls and entertainment centers, cafes and restaurants; and
  • Educational facilities.

"Orange" zone in Ukraine

The "orange" level of epidemic threat extends to 11 regional centers:

  • Vinnytsia
  • Lutsk
  • Ternopil
  • Lviv
  • Dnipro
  • Kropyvnytsky
  • Severodonetsk
  • Odesa
  • Kherson
  • Cherkasy
  • Kyiv

Bans are applied to:

  • Hostels and tourist centers (except for hotels);
  • Restaurants, night clubs at night hours;
  • Gyms, fitness centers, art facilities (with over one attendant per 10 sq. m);
  • Children's camps;
  • Mass gatherings of more than 100 people (one person per 20 sq. m);
  • Scheduled hospitalizations (pregnancies, neonatal care, cancer and palliative treatment, and life-threatening cases are all excluded from the rule); and
  • Over 50% of total sitting capacity on public transport.

Adaptive quarantine in Ukraine

  • Since August 1, Ukraine has been divided into four zones (red, orange, yellow, and green) depending on the COVID-19 spread threat.
  • In each of the epidemiological zones, different quarantine restrictions have been established. The softest ones are applied in the "green" zone, while the most severe bans are introduced in the "red" zone.
  • The Cabinet has extended the adaptive quarantine until the end of 2020.