Russian-controlled forces in Donbas have failed to reopen the entry and exit checkpoints Stanytsia Luhanska and Maryinka at the contact line in the conflict zone.

Massive crowds have amassed outside the checkpoints, a TSN journalist reported on June 10 as Ukraine authorities earlier announced the relaunch of checkpoints amid quarantine relaxation.

The Ukrainian military let the first car pass before it shortly drove back. The driver said the invaders did not let him pass and neither did they explain the reason. They noted, however, that they did not intend to let anyone in, the man added.

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People are not leaving the checkpoint, the reporter says, as they have been waiting for the reopening for several months, with some of them even living in their cars or in the homes of caring Ukrainians.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Ukraine announced the reopening of Stanytsia Luhanska and Maryinka checkpoints in Donbas amid quarantine relaxation. Social distancing and mandated face masks are among the main requirements to be followed by those crossing.

Checkpoints in Donbas and at the de-facto border with occupied Crimea have been shut down in mid-March amid quarantine.