The SBU Security Service intends to conduct large-scale multi-stage anti-terrorist drills in most regions of Ukraine.

"During the drills, increased attention is paid to practicing actions to protect strategically important facilities and state borders. The purpose of the events is to improve interdepartmental cooperation to counter possible terrorist and sabotage threats," as reported by the SBU's press center.

Pending the exercise, critical infrastructure facilities, including those that are part of energy and transport systems, have been taken under enhanced protection.

The drills involve the SBU's regional units, the National Police, the Border Guard Service, the National Guard, the Armed Forces, the State Emergency Service, as well as the executive authorities and local governments.

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It is noted that a special regime may be temporarily introduced in certain areas amid the drills, as well as restrictions or bans on the movement of motor vehicles and pedestrians, ID checks, and inspection of vehicles, etc.

The SBU has appealed to citizens to treat temporary inconveniences with understanding and respond appropriately to the legal demands voiced by law enforcement.

Also, the citizens are asked to report to hotline 0800501482 in the following cases:

  • The arrival or presence of suspicious persons expressing heightened interest in military facilities, administrative buildings, critical infrastructure facilities, and crowded sites;
  • The appearance of suspicious vehicles or unmanned aerial vehicles in the vicinity of strategic facilities;
  • Detection of suspicious objects or weapons; and
  • Obtaining information on someone's intentions to carry out acts of terror, subversive activities, or other unlawful actions.

Earlier, large-scale anti-terrorist drills kicked off in Kherson, Kharkiv, and Sumy regions.