The SBU Security Service of Ukraine in Kharkiv region has exposed a group engaged in systemic cybercrime. Perpetrators would steal money from their victims' bank cards by penetrating the banking system network.

Investigators believe the cyber group consisted of at least 15 active members.

Hackers employed malware to steal personal data from electronic bank accounts in the U.S., Europe, Ukraine. "Through electronic payment services, including Russian ones that have been banned in Ukraine, they would transfer the stolen money to their own accounts in Ukrainian and Russian banks," according to the SBU's press center.

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As part of the criminal proceedings initiated by the SBU, law enforcers raided 16 sites in Kharkiv, including the suspects' homes and their office.

Over 40 pieces of computer equipment carrying photos and details of foreign bank cards and evidence of malware use were found during searches. Cash and valuables worth over UAH 12 million (US$449,102) was seized.

Further investigation is underway.