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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved the strategy for the development of physical culture and sports.

That's according to the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The strategy will be implemented in three stages until 2028.

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Read alsoHealth Ministry to deploy makeshift hospital at Kyiv's Palace of SportsThe program is aimed at popularizing sports among Ukrainians, as well as creating a positive image for the country in the international arena.

Program's key points:

  • The share of those regularly going in for sports should rise to 30% of the country's total population.
  • Five modern training centers for athletes shall be created in the west, east, north, south, and center of Ukraine.
  • Anti-doping fight must be strengthened.
  • Twenty-five sports complexes must be constructed within the framework of the President's Program.
  • Ukraine must host at least 80 international tournaments.
  • The Ukrainian team must reach the top 21 in the Olympic medal count, as well as the top 10 in the Paralympics, as well as in the Deaflympics and World Games.