Ukraine not to extend weekend quarantine / Photo from UNIAN

Ukrainian Health Minister Maksym Stepanov says Ukraine will not extend the weekend quarantine rules.

Speaking on a Ukrainian TV channel, he said the weekend quarantine ended on November 30, an UNIAN correspondent reported.

According to Stepanov, Ukraine has "rather serious quarantine restrictions, which are in effect today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We are not planning to extend [the weekend] quarantine."

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Read alsoCOVID-19: Over 12,400 new active cases reported as of Dec 1Asked whether this means that next weekend there will be only those restrictions that are in place for the whole week, Stepanov said: "Yes."

He also reiterated that any quarantine restrictions should be enacted by a government resolution.

Weekend quarantine

  • On November 11, the Cabinet decided to introduce the so-called weekend quarantine in the country from November 14 to 30. It was enforced from 00:00 Saturday to 00:00 Monday.
  • In particular, on weekends, along with restrictions provided for on weekdays, bans were imposed on the work of cafes and restaurants (except takeaway), shopping malls and entertainment facilities, fitness centers, and the like. Grocery stores, pharmacies, veterinary pharmacies, post offices, medical facilities, and gas stations were open.
  • On November 24, Culture Minister Oleksandr Tkachenko announced he would propose that the Cabinet of Ministers introduce a lockdown in the country during the New Year and Christmas holidays.
  • On November 25, the Cabinet admitted a strict quarantine might be introduced for the New Year holidays.
  • According to the media, the Cabinet has already agreed on the date for a full-scale lockdown across Ukraine to tackle the spread of COVID-19. The tougher curbs will reportedly be in effect from December 23 to January 15.