On April 28-29, 2020, the Frankivsk District Court of Lviv satisfied the claim of LLC Investokhills Vesta Financial Company against Taras Barshchovsky, with the participation of a third party - LLC Yablunevy Dar, regarding debt collection. 

The claim is partially satisfied. According to the court, Taras Barshchovsky must pay the debt under the loan agreement in the amount of 831 770 732 UAH. 99 cop., Of which 279 631 673 UAH. 88 kopecks - loan debt, 3 565 530 UAH. 16 kopecks interest arrears, 6 412 299 UAH. 82 kopecks penalty for late loan repayment, 966 391 UAH. 65 kopecks penalty for untimely interest return, 541 194 837 UAH. 48 kopecks fine.

In addition, the court decided that Barshchovsky should pay the court fee by in the amount of 13 895 UAH. 60 kopecks in favor of LLC Investokhills Vesta Financial Company, as well as a court fee in state favor in the amount of 3654 UAH.

The court has decided to refuse the satisfaction of the counterclaim of Taras Barshchovsky to LLC Investokhills Vesta Financial Company, with the participation of a third party LLC Yablunevy Dar, to declare the guarantee terminated.

In addition, the court decision has not yet entered into legal force and can be appealed to the Lviv Court of Appeal within 30 days from the date of its announcement, and if the preparation of the full court decision is postponed, the indicated period shall be calculated from the day the full court decision was drawn up.

The court decision will enter into force after the deadline for the submission of the appeal by all parties to the case, if the appeal is not filed.


Taras Barshchovsky is the beneficiary owner of T.B. Fruit Group of Companies, with its assets in Ukraine, Poland and Moldova.