Photo from UNIAN

Chief of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Serhiy Deineko, says the government continues works to fortify the country's border sections with Russia.

At the same time, Deineko said the project should not be referred to as "The Wall", RBC-Ukraine reports.

"There is no such project as 'The Wall.' The name has just stuck colloquially. Unfortunately, people associate 'The Wall' project only with some negative things," the chief border guard said.

According to Deineko, it depends on what Ukrainians want to see at the border with Russia to name the date for the completion of fortification works.

"You have to understand there is no such wall that would reliably protect us from them [Russia], become a kind of sarcophagus from Russian Iskanders [missile launchers] and tanks. The only wall could be the readiness for self-sacrifice and the courage of our soldiers with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, the State Border Guard Service, and all other security and defense forces," he said.

Read alsoU.S. Defense Intelligence Agency issues statement on threats from RussiaThe official added that, in his opinion, the wall should ensure 100% control over the border line.

"This is exactly the kind of engineering arrangement we're pursuing. We dig anti-tank ditches, arrange control strips, and belt roads, completing this all with a video surveillance system. That is, we build towers where we install CCTV cameras and thermal imagers, which provide 24/7 monitoring of the state border. This is the most effective system that allows completely eliminating any human factor," the official said.


The European Rampart project has been under construction since 2014 after the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. As of 2018, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov reported the project had been 80% finished.

Earlier, it was reported that the Cabinet could extend The Wall project on the border with the Russian Federation until 2025.