Ukraine has introduced changes to the procedure of issuing electronic visas (e-visas) as of November 1, 2020, and the consular fees for a single-entry e-visa have been reduced to US$20.

This was reported by the State Agency for Tourism Development of Ukraine on Facebook.

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Changes in e-visa issuance procedure

  • An applicant will be able to choose the required procedure while applying for an e-visa: the urgent or non-urgent procedure (a double rate is set for the expedited issuance of e-visas);
  • From now on, e-visas will be issued much faster: urgent processing of e-visas will take only one business day, while non-urgent e-visas will be issued within three business days (previously it took up to nine days);
  • In addition to the existing single-entry e-visa, Ukraine has started issuing a new type – double-entry e-visas;
  • Differentiated rates of the consular fee have significantly been reduced: a single-entry e-visa now costs US$20 instead of US$85, while the fee for a double-entry e-visa is set at US$30.