Ukraine has enforced amendments to traffic rules, explains Oleksiy Beloshytsky, First Deputy Chief of Patrol Police.

The official took to Facebook to deliver the news.

Changes for drivers and passengers

Видео дня

From now on, drivers and passengers  shall have their seatbelts within city limits, while driving instructors shall keep them on at all times.

Taxi drivers shall ensure that front and rear seat belts operate properly and remind passengers to use them.

Only drivers and passengers with disabilities, if physiologically impossible, as well as drivers and passengers of emergency and enforcement vehicles are allowed not to buckle up within city limits.

Read alsoParliament could increase speeding finesIt is forbidden to change the size, shape, designation, color and placement of license plates, apply additional inscri[tions to or cover them. The plates shall be clean and sufficiently illuminated.

Changes for cyclists

Cyclists are allowed to ride in the public transport lane.

Changes for pedestrians

Pedestrians shall wear reflective clothing at night and in conditions of poor visibility.

At night and in conditions of insufficient visibility, pedestrians moving along the side of a motorway or along a shoulder shall use reflective objects (tape, sticker, vest, etc.) or wear reflective clothing.

Ukrainian legislators could also consider obliging drivers to change winter/summer tires depending on season, while at the moment no such rule is in place.