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From September 1, border crossing rules for Ukrainian citizens heading to Belarus have changed.

From now on, Ukrainians who intend to leave for a neighboring country will be able to cross out with a foreign travel passport, of which the State Border Guard Service has earlier warns citizens with the reference to the corresponding government decree.

The document provides for the partial suspension of the Agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of the Republic of Belarus on visa-free travel.

Previously, Ukrainians were allowed to travel to Belarus holding a regular passport for internal use.

Read alsoBaltic States declare Belarus' Lukashenko persona non grataThe State Border Guard Service says the new exit procedure is aimed at ensuring better safety for Ukrainian citizens. Also, border guards predict a significant reduction in border-crossing routine time, since the information from foreign travel passports is scanned by automatic readers.

Ukrainian national returning to Ukraine from Belarus from September 1 without a foreign travel passport on them shall be allowed entry with no restrictions.

The new rules do not apply to residents of areas in the immediate proximity to the Belarus border who are further allowed to cross through local checkpoints with regular passports or birth certificates (for minors) in accordance with an inter-government agreement of December 12, 1998.

Belarus unrest: MFA Ukraine's travel notice

The Ukrainian foreign ministry has earlier recommended that Ukraine nationals refrain from trips to Belarus amid the complicated social and political situation in the neighboring state.

"Citizens who are already on the territory of Belarus should remain aware of their surroundings, avoid crowded locations, not take part in demonstrations and protest rallies, follow the news and recommendations of local authorities," Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said.