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Ukraine's state-owned Artem Holding, which is part of the Ukroboronprom defense giant, is ready to ensure an early delivery to the customer, the Defense Ministry, several hundred new unguided aircraft rockets, manufactured under the National defense order.

"Thanks to intensive work, we were able to fulfill our contractual obligations ahead of schedule, and we are ready to symbolically hand over the first batch of these newest rockets on Defenders Day! Thanks to the increased weight of the warhead, the RS-80 is capable of penetrating 400-mm armor with a launch range of 1.2 to 4 kilometers. We are convinced that it will prove itself worthy in service, and we look forward to continuing production of the RS-80s for the needs of the security and defense forces of Ukraine, "said Volodymyr Zimin, President and Chairman of the Board at Artem, according to Ukroboronprom's press service.

What's RS-80

The RS-80 is Artem's unique project. The design allows installing various kinds of warheads and fuses, including for combating unmanned aerial vehicles as part of anti-aircraft missile systems.

The first batch of unguided aircraft missiles RS-80 successfully passed firing tests and confirmed compliance with tactical and technical requirements.

Read alsoUkraine, UK sign memo on enhancing military-technical cooperationThe RS-80 unguided aircraft rocket with a cumulative fragmentation warhead is an upgraded version of the S-8KOM rocket.

It has been designed to defeat armored and lightly armored military hardware and manpower.

It is used on Su and MiG aircraft, as well as Mi and Ka helicopters. It can be launched from B8-type blocks and their modifications (analogs). Also, the RS-80 rocket can be used as part of the armament of advanced ground platforms and assault landing boats.

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