Minister of Defense has named the three pillars of Navy combat capabilities development in accordance with NATO standards.

"I'd like to emphasize the need to pay special attention to the increase in Navy combat capabilities development in accordance with NATO standards, as well as with regard to directions which were approved by President. In particular, these are the three pillars," the defense minister said on June 15 at the ceremony to appoint a new Navy Commander in Odesa.

"The first pillar is the provision of modern ships with missile armament, aircraft, coastal missile systems, combat service support, and electronic warfare assets. The second one is the establishment of a proximal maritime zone integrated situation awareness and reconnaissance system, command and control system, as well as an underwater situation awareness system. The third pillar is the development of a modern base system in both the Black and Azov Sea regions. The Ministry of Defense will do everything necessary to implement this program in practice," noted Andrii Taran.

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He has also said that the Defense Ministry is currently negotiating with foreign partners on the need to provide assistance and support in the implementation of the said plans.

"I held these talks during my recent visits to Berlin and Paris and received assurances from foreign partners in support of our aspirations to develop the fleet," added Andrii Taran.