General Staff of Ukraine Armed Forces

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that amid emergency challenges, not only will Ukraine not cease participation in United Nations (UN) operations, it will continue to strengthen its contribution to international peace and security.

That's according to his greeting address to Ukrainian peacekeepers and veterans of peacekeeping operations on International Day of UN Peacekeepers, posted on the site of the head of state.

"Today we pay tribute to the dedication and sacrifice of military and civilian personnel who carry out difficult services around the world, fulfilling a noble mission to maintain international peace and security," the address says.

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Zelensky noted that the high professionalism and impeccable moral and business qualities of Ukrainian peacekeepers, their worthy fulfillment of tasks in the troubled corners of our planet, have been appreciated by all UN member states.

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"Civilians across continents are aware of and praise the valor, peacefulness, and humanism of Ukrainian peace warriors, their willingness to always come to the rescue and do everything possible to ease the suffering of the civilian population and reconcile the warring parties," the head of state emphasized.

"Eternal memory and glory to all who gave their lives during UN peacekeeping operations. I am sure that Ukrainian peacekeepers will continue to faithfully serve the ideals of humanism, peaceful coexistence and protection of people's lives. I wish you and your families good health, prosperity and success in the important work entrusted to the Ukrainian peacekeepers," the president concluded.

*** International Day of Peacekeepers is celebrated by the UN annually on May 29. It has been officially celebrated in Ukraine since 2003.