Photo from UNIAN

The Ukrainian passport has entered the TOP-30 in the Global Passport Power Rank 2021.

The ranking measures the passports' mobility, in particular the number of visa-free destinations.

As of early 2021, Ukraine ranks 30th.

Its citizens have visa-free access to 46 countries, while visas are required to cross into 111 countries.

Read alsoPassport Index reflects corona effect on global travelAt the same time, Germany tops the ranking with visa-free access to 99 countries and visas requirements in  64 countries.

Sweden, Finland and Spain rank second with 99, 98 and 97 visa-free destinations, respectively, and the need to apply for visas to 65 countries.

Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, and New Zealand rank third. Their citizens can travel visa-free to 98, 95, 93, and 88 countries, respectively, while needing visas to 66 countries.

The bottom spots in the ranking are occupied by Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq.