Major snowfalls are set to hit Ukraine on February 11, weather forecasters have warned.

The State Emergency Service warns that further deterioration in weather conditions and heavy snowfalls are expected during the day on February 11 in all regions of Ukraine, except for the south.

Видео дня

Heavy snowfalls are anticipated in western, central, and northern regions.

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Wind gusts will vary from 7 mps to 20 mps, while blizzards are also expected in western Ukraine.

Overnight temperatures could go down to -6-11° C in northern and western regions, while in day hours they will remain within 0-5° C. The temperature will be higher in southern regions: 1-6° C in day hours, 1-4° C at night.

In Kyiv, on February 11, air temperature is expected at -8-11° C overnight and 0-3° C in the daytime.